Facebook Wins Hallmark Dispute Versus Chinese Drink Company

When it comes to hallmark security in China, other U.S. companies have not much luck. Facebook recently challenged a case relating to a Chinese drink utilizing Facebook as its hallmark.


An unusual Chinese court judgment has preferred Facebook comprehensive efforts ordering a Chinese company that it can no more use “face book” as its trademark. The Beijing Higher People’s Court revealed that it had rescind approval for Zhujiang Beverage that procedure flavored milk drinks and porridge, to use the name.


As reported by Time, the company’s marketing manager disputed against the court’s verdict specifying that the Chinese translation of the words “face book”, “lianshu” in Chinese ways masks utilized in standard Chinese opera. According to Liu Hongqun, “Lianshu is something extremely Chinese.”


The Chinese company dealt objections from Facebook, but gained approval in 2014 from the Trademark


Evaluation and Adjudication Board to use the name. In a choice posted on its recognized Weibo account, the Beijing court stated that the trade mark authority’s approval had been canceled which depends upon the regulatory authority to evaluate its choice.


Facebook normally wasn’t thankful and went to and fro with the trademark authority prior to bringing the matter to the Beijing court in the end. The social media platform won the original claim while Zhujiang appealed however lost again, The Wall Street Journal reports.


Regarding social networks, Chinese internet users theorized that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s affection for China might have assisted his firm win. He gained media attention when he jogged on a heavily-smog day in Beijing this spring and his conspicuous positioning of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “The Governance of China”.


According to Reuters, legal representatives state that Chinese copyright securities are often differentiated as rather less rigorous but are progressively improving. The win may offer a gleam of wish for Facebook in China where its social media network is not offered and its business is mostly selling abroad marketing for Chinese companies.


The Facebook success is a promising speck of light for U.S. firms which recently have been under the hallmark gun.


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